our surf lodge is located within walking distance from this amazing beachbreak

Drifter Beach Lodge is more than a surf camp in Portugal. We carry the spirit of a culture and surfing lifestyle that truly establishes connections between people and the ocean and people with nature, by gathering them together around special locations.



Based at the heart of one of the most consistent surfing places in Europe, Portugal beaches offer all kinds of surfable waves throughout the entire year. We will find always a place to surf with offshore winds.



get on board for a surf trip throughout the Portuguese coast of Peniche. Sleep at our high-end surf lodge ideal to host families, groups of friends and solo travellers aiming to take the most out of their next surf travel.


€475.00starting from / per person
  • 5 days surf experience
  • 1 week accommodation + breakfast
  • 1 surf session – 2 hours /day
  • Surf equipment & shuttles
  • 1 sightseeing session


€680.00starting from / per person
  • 10 days surf experience
  • 2 weeks accommodation + breakfast
  • 2 Surf sessions – 2 hours each /day
  • Surf equipment & shuttles
  • 2 sightseeing tours


  • 5 or 10 days surf course
  • 1 or 2 weeks accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 1 surf session/day
  • Surfboard & Wetsuit
  • Shuttles to/from the surf
  • 1 sightseeing  tour/week
  • Weekly BBQ
  • Discounts
  • Video analysis
  • Insurance

The program includes one sightseeing tour throughout the area, normally happening on Saturdays. Sometimes [when its not too busy] we take our guests to visit a local surfboard shaper to show you how does a surfboard is made. In case that local good surfing conditions are not met, we will take everyone on a surf trip and seek a place with fun conditions to surf. One of your surf sessions will be filmed so we can perform a video analysis with your group and contribute with improvements on your surf level.


Beginner & Intermediate

Friendly local surf guides with decades of experience in surfing the waves you are about to experience. A brief introduction to surf equipment, gear, as well as how to position yourself on the board and how to paddle and handle the board will get things started. After you get to know the basics we will then start with clearing the breaking area and learn how to deal with white water waves.
We value safety conduct, therefore we will put you through what we believe being the best practices and thoroughly explain the priority rules at the peak.
Initiation to take-off techniques like standing on a surfboard, the take-off timing, the positioning at the line up, how to start surfing waves before they even break and learn to control the surfboard under your feet in a funny environment, will be the main focus throughout the whole week.


  • 5 or 10 days surf course
  • 1 or 2 weeks accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 2 Surf sessions – 2 hours each /day
  • Surfboard + wetsuit
  • Shuttles to and from the surf
  • 1 sightseeing tour/week
  • Weekly BBQ
  • Discounts at local shops
  • Video analysis
  • Insurance

The 2 weeks Intensive surf program also include two sightseeing tours to take place on Saturday. One day trip to Lisbon and another to one of the many local medieval villages are between the most popular choices amongst our guests. In case that we’re lacking good surfing conditions at the beaches nearby, we will take surf trips to find the right wind direction and proper swell. Once per week we will film and monitor one of your surfing sessions so we can do a video analysis of your performance to contribute with improvements for your surfing skills.


Beginner & Intermediate

On the first day we will go together with everyone through an appraisal session to find out which surf equipment works best for each level. Improving the paddling positioning on the green wave and wave-catching techniques will be our main focus to get the week started.

For the next few days we will work on how to improve your positioning on the line-up, get started with wave reading and timing, bearing in mind the priority rules.

We will pass on explanations of a surf board hydrodynamic behaviour so you can better understand how it drives.

Body positioning for manoeuvres, bottom turns and how to surf the various types of local waves, speed and trimming, will be all subjects of our everyday surfing sessions.

Booking Conditions
Any guest booking with Drifter Beach Lodge agrees with the terms & conditions mentioned below.

Cancelations & No Shows
No shows at check in day for accommodation or delays longer than 10 minutes for surf classes will not be refunded.

Should you cancel after having effected payment for your booking, your booking deposit is non refundable. The amount paid as a deposit will remain as a credit, and it can be used to book a further date of your choice. Valid up to one year after the date of the original booking.

Please note that no refunds are made for surf courses and/or surf classes cancellations. Exceptions are: medical reasons with documents that state the reasons. The amount paid as a deposit will remain as a credit, and it can be used to book a further date of your choice. Valid up to one year after the date of the original booking.

Arrival & Departure Times
Check-out and check-in times are 11:00 and after 15:00 respectively, unless stated otherwise in the e-mail confirmation.

Late check-in can be arranged depending on availability.

The following deposit payment applicable to every single reservation must be received as follows, unless stated otherwise in the e-mail sent to the guest:

• For reservations beginning more than 30 days after the date of the booking request – a deposit of at least 50% of the total booking amount needs to be paid.

• The remaining balance of 50% must be paid up to 30 days prior to the guest’s arrival date.

• For reservations beginning 30 days or less after the date of the booking request – the total reservation amount must be paid as a deposit.

Security Deposit
A security deposit must be paid as instructed in the confirmation e-mail. This deposit remains in our possession until the check-out day, and it will be refunded if no damages were found in the houses as well as the conduct rules have been fully respected during your stay.

Payment Types
We accept bank transfer and cash payments upon agreement. Contact us for other payment types.

Insurance Coverage
Drifter Beach Lodge holds a civil responsibility insurance demanded by Portuguese Law.

Outside monitored surf classes any personal accidents and/or any and all equipment damages are of the exclusive responsibility of the users and are not covered under any circumstances by our insurance.

Guests participating in our weekly surf programs and other activities promoted by Drifter Beach Lodge, authorise the recording of photo and video material to be used on the website and other social/multimedia platforms.

Rules of Conduct
Drifter Beach Lodge will invite guests to leave the camp if any of the following rules are disrespected:

Damaged property, aggressive and/or violent behaviour, insults or racist attitudes are all reasons for reservation cancellation without refund.

Our lodge is self-catering and the house keeping is not supposed to wash any equipment related with meals.

Everyone is responsible for looking after the kitchen, cooking utensils and clean dishes after preparing meals.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the common areas free of their dirt, food left-overs or waste of any kind.

It is expected from everyone to respect each other as they share the lodge, noise inside and or around the lodges is strictly forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the beach lodges, penalties will be applicable by Portuguese regulations.


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