Europe’s Surfing Mecca

We are located at the most consistent surf locale in Europe with perfect surfing conditions all-year-round.

Drifter Beach Lodge carries the spirit of a culture and surfing lifestyle that truly establishes a connection between people and the ocean and people with nature, by gathering everyone together around absolutely stoked surf sessions.

We are located within walking distance from two solid beach breaks in Praia da Areia Branca, Lourinhã. The fact that we are so close to the peninsula of Peniche makes it extremely flexible when it comes to find the perfect surfing conditions.

No matter which direction the wind or swell is coming from.
Within a 15 minute drive we will find a place with waves and off-shore wind.

“being able to work with
sea view, go surfing,
learn to understand
the ocean and how to be
safe in it…
That was a life changing
experience for me.”

Ellie, Digital Marketing

from Hamburg

Local Surf Breaks

Half-meter sand bar or 20 meter slabs, what really matters is to have fun!

The Surf Experience

Drifter Beach Lodge is located slightly off Lisbon, meaning that we have ocean view, empty surf peaks and space to breathe and enjoy yoga morning sessions at the beach.

The small surf town of Praia da Areia Branca is the place we call home. It is here that we surf most of the times – beach breaks, point breaks, mixed bottom waves, river mouths, slabs, you name it.

Praia da Areia Branca is a year round destination with swell exposure coming from the west and north sides. Surrounded by cliffs and hiking paths overlooking the ocean and country-side.

Dry, sunny Summers are long (until mid October) but tempered by cool sea breezes and the Winters mild though occasionally stormy.

Surf Classes

Fun-to-hang-out-with local surf guides with decades of experience in surfing, will be surf tripping with you.
Before surf, we will lead a brief introduction with everyone, explaining the equipments, provide all the gear as well as explain how to position yourself on the board and how to paddle and handle the board.
After you get to know the basics we will then start with clearing the break area and learn how to deal with white water waves.

Our proximity to the fishing town of Peniche (+/- 10 kms) benefits us with swell and wind consistency giving us flexibility in finding a place to surf with off shore conditions after a 10 minute drive.

Peniche might not the prettiest spot on the Portuguese coast, but its undoubtedly the most renowned surfing area in Portugal. Originally an island,  this narrow spit of land contains an obscene amount of wave variety that can provide perfect surf conditions with a consistency that puts to shame some turquoise waters surf destinations.

There’s a good reason why Peniche has been dubbed Portugal’s surf capital – the variety of surf spots, the quality of the waves, the versatility and the choice of Supertubos for the annual 10th stop of WSL in October, all contributed to elect this place as the best surfing place in Portugal.


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