Frequent Answered Questions
What kind of amenities do i get being a coliving resident?

The price per person covers all utilities, including housekeeping and linen service, 100mb internet access and cable TV.  Our self-catered spaces are purpose-curated for coliving, with both private and common shared areas.

We have fully-stocked kitchens, comfortable living rooms, indoor and outdoor living areas with pool. Fully equipped working/office areas with white boards, projector, meeting room, 4k monitors and more, that all residents can use included in the price per night (flat rate).

Depending on the level of engagement and interaction you’re seeking, we offer community-building activities like team-oriented workshops, degustations, organise family dinners, film photography walks, organise a street vegan food van in the front yard, lead a vintage surfboard shaping workshop, wine tasting, or simply co-create experiences with you.

How different is your coliving space from AirBnb housing or cheap Hostels?

Our spaces are like plug-and-play houses with focus on work and surf. You pay for the convenience of stepping into a creative dwelling at the beach that is ready to embrace you, replete with diversity, comfort, many cultural approaches, utilities and friends (housemates) who might be (at least) on a similar wavelength like you do.

The main distinction here is flexibility and community. There are no contracts with hidden fees, neither its mandatory for you to stay with a yearly lease like in a typical apartment. We offer one week, two weeks or one month stays. The entrance is relatively rapid, we ask for a valid ID, you pay for your stay and you’re checked in.

Do you allow Pets?

We love animals, though we only allow pets for residents with qualified disability.

What is the number of bathrooms available per person?

We have private rooms that have ensuite bathrooms, but for our rooms without a dedicated bathroom, we typically have 2 people to a bathroom, and never more than 4. All of our homes have weekly cleaning included in the rent, so even when you do share a bathroom with another housemate, you don’t have to stress over the argument about whose turn is to clean.

Are there room options available for couples?

Yes, we have rooms to accommodate couples. In general we recommend rooms that have an ensuite bathroom.

Will I have to do the dishes?

You just have to stack them inside the dishwasher, insert a tab, press a few buttons and that’s it.

Do we have access to washing machines?

Sure, there are washing machines available.

I’m the clean & tidy type like mama told me so, how’s it gonna be?

We got you covered by sending on every fourth or fifth day a cleaning crew to take care of  the common areas, and it’s included in the price you pay too. We also have established a few extra rules in the House Rules Policy you’ll have access to once you’re checked in.

How much all this is going to cost?

We have 4 different coliving residency categories starting from:

  • Shared Room (18 m²) starting from €295,00/week
  • Double Room (16 m²) starting from €340,00/week
  • Suite (30 m²) starting from €350,00/week
  • Rent the whole place (for teams of remote workers, price upon request)

We have discounts for long stays and higher number of residents reserving at the same time.

At the end of the day, you’re paying for the freedom and convenience of staying and going at will and having everything you need to work and live constantly ready for you to just use it.

What's not included in the room fee?

Floor heating is not included in your rent. We have counters to measure the heating energy consumption aside from the other appliances. Depending on the length of stay a security deposit needs to be paid upfront from where we will deduct the heating costs, at the end of your stay.

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